Personal Injury

Suffering An Injury?

Injuries sustained at work or from a Motor Vehicle Accident can be devastating to your body. You deserve to feel the way you did before your accident.

Work Injuries and Motor Vehicle Accidents can produce injuries to your body like whiplash, neck pain, headaches and lower back injuries. No matter where your injury took place, you still require the correct form of treatment to help you in your recovery process.

Not all injuries are obvious and much damage can occur, even a minor fender bender may cause serious issues.

It is very important for you to seek immediate treatment if you are injured to prevent any further damage from occurring. Delaying treatment could cause long term pain. If you were injured and feel pain, we can help you. If you were injured and aren’t sure if you can feel pain or don’t feel pain, we can help you.

The longer you wait the more unseen damage there is and the longer it can take to recover.

Let Balance ChiroMed Help Get You Back In The Game

Chiropractic care directly handles the trigger points of the issue rather than masking it with prescriptions and pain killers. 

We will go directly to the root of the problem and perform gentle adjustments that your body can then use to heal around. 

Our Chiropractors are extremely experienced in their field and can offer a range of treatment options to take care of you in the best way possible.

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