Sports Injury

Suffering From A Sports Injury?

Sports injuries can be knee pain, wrist pain, ankle pain, concussions, tears or strains, among many other issues.

These injuries are classified as sports injuries because the issue evolved from a form of physical activity whether it has to do with a competitive sport, going to the gym, or even going for a run.

There are direct sports injuries and indirect sports injuries.

An example of a direct sports injury could be shoulder pain after you were body checked into the boards while playing hockey or wrist pain due to using too large of weights in the gym.

An example of an indirect sports injury could be rolling your ankle while running but your knee is what suffers the pain. This occurs when another joint in your body must compensate for an injured joint and take on more than its typical role.

No matter what the situation is, physical activity is an important factor in everyone’s lives as without the ability to move we are unable to do the simple things such as walking or writing. 

Let Balance ChiroMed Help Get You Back In The Game

Whether you want to get back to training or practice for a sport or simply get back to being able to go to the gym without pain from an injury, we can help fix the problem.

We have various techniques that will specifically adjust the injured area into a position where it is able to heal. 

Each of our doctors has worked with these injuries and knows how to handle them and come up with a care plan that will work with each case individually.

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